In a previous post, I’ve introduced you to the French Archives. Do you know there are many other online resources for your French genealogy ?

You know that to learn more about your French ancestors, you’ll have to go beyond the civil registrars. What is available online to help you trace your French ancestry ?

French archives

To know what is available, go to France Archives. Select the department and it will log you to the requested website.

You might be lost amongst the choices of documents. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you understand what resource is available.

Digitised records are also available on the National Archives website. In the search box, enter the name you’re researching, click on Digitised records. Among the answers, you may find notary records, files for the Légion d’Honneur or iconographic documents.

French newspapers

You will not find a website such, but free resources are available. You can find them on some of the departemental archives websites, Geneanet, or :

  • Limedia Kiosque for the Lorraine press
  • Médias 19 for regional and local press
  • Gallica for national, regional, local press. Enter your request in the search box, then clik on Press and magazines in the left column.

For more online resources, you can google “presse ancienne numerisee“.

French genealogical databases

Filae : this online genealogical database is very useful for the 19th century and early 20th. It has indexed most of the online civil registrars, plus it will give you a hint on where to find the document (archive, information regarding the registrar and view) which is valuable if you are not used to French archives. Filae has other sources such as the list of emigrants from the French Revolution.

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Geneanet : Geneanet offers free family tree, plus other resources, such as cemeteries, indexed archives that are not online (i.e. the Collection Mayet, a collection of catholic registers of Parisian parishes from 1792 to 1860, marriages for almost all of it). Geneanet has also a powerful search engine which will search not only the database but also other online records.

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In the upcoming post, I will help you read French registers.