On the 7th and 8th of June, a big event took place in Birmingham. It was the very first edition of THE Genealogy Show, and I had the chance to be there.

As a French professional genealogist, the only foreign I’ve attended two events abroad. The first one is RootsTech in Salt Lake City, as a visitor and as a speaker. The second one is The Family Fair in Jersey, where I also had the chance to be a speaker.

When I heard about THE Genealogy Show, I thought it should be a good idea to go and be part of, maybe, THE next place to be in genealogy.

Let’s go to Birmingham !

A French genealogist in Birmingham

The event took place at the National Exhibition Center. It was a perfect location, everything was at close range : airport, train station, hotels… Really easy to go there, which was a good point considering the weather !

I gave two talks on the very first day. The first one was about the geographical origins of French ancestors according to historical periods. The second one was about the French archives and how to access them online.

It was not super crowded, but it is always interesting to get out of your comfort zone., You get to meet lovely people with great family stories and a lot of questions for you.

Once I was done, not only did I have all the time I wanted to take a look at the exhibitors, but also, a full day of talks ahead.

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High quality talks at THE Genealogy Show

The subtitle of THE Genealogy show is : discover your roots. Should I add : in every possible way. You can have an overview on their website.

I attended six talks :

  • Nathan Dylan Goodwin inspired me for a project I’ve been working on for far too long. His second talk was a great lesson of patience and a good reminder that a family mystery is hardly ever solved within 45 minutes.
  • Michelle Leonard gave an outstanding talk on DNA (and I ended up with an idea for my own genealogy)
  • Blaine Bettinger, a.k.a the genetic genealogist, presented us with a quite frightening future of dna analysis and its possibilites or should I say, drifts.
  • Daniel Smith Ramos, was all about Spain. I’ve learnt many helpful hints for future researches.
  • John Perl explained chromosome mapping. A talk wich will be useful when I’ll dive in the idea I had while listening to Michelle Leonard !

How about THE Genealogy Show 2020 ?

THE Genealogy Show 2020 has already been anounced. It’s gonna be on June 26 and 27. Will I go ?

I will submit a new talk. So if I’m accepted, it’s a go of course. What if I’m not ? It will depend on the speakers.

Unless you do have English ancestors, the exhibitors will not be interesting for you. Apart from a few professional exhibitors like Living DNA or MyHeritage, the exhibitors were mostly local societies.

If the 2020 talks are as interesting as they were in 2019, I’ll be there for sure. And maybe, along the local societies, will I get the chance to see the National archives or the British Library or Jersey Heritage ? I’d love to.